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News and Updates

POSmatic For President. Vote for Us!
Not really, but your vote counts just as much!
12th, 2008 12:38am

We would like to invite all of you to join in on a competition. Well.. You don't really win anything other than our everlasting love. Now that's priceless.

We have listed ourselves on an online directory and would greatly appreciate if everyone would vote for us. We have worked very hard to achieve the things we achieved and get this far. Our Point of Sale software, ONsight™ is being polished up really well. So now, we're aiming to market ourselves to all of the other services we provide. And one of them is Web & Graphic Design and Development. We strongly believe that our team definitely has some good stuff in that area.

Again, your vote is very much appreciated and we thank everyone for all the love and support so far. Now, all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks. Do it... Now... Please?

Protect Your Company from Tech-Savvy Saboteurs
From Newsfactor.com
4th, 2008 / External

It is crucial to practice good computer security procedures. The value of good security practices should never be underestimated. Computer security must start with the basics: unique passwords, restricted permissions, frequent changing of passwords, activity and access logging, and logging off when leaving a workstation.

Posmatic.com Redesign
Website goes through 2nd re-design in a matter of months.
2nd, 2008 10:28pm

Being super-humans, we can pump out many design projects we come across extremely fast and revamp our own corporate site twice in a matter of few months. How do we do it? We just told you, we're super-humans. But in all seriousness, we try our hardest to provide the best designs, the fastest turn-around times and the most courteous customer service and satisfaction. Need a website? Brochure? Catalog? How about your very own online shopping cart? Oooh ooh. We can even do custom web applications too! Databases, Backend support, Network Infrastructure and more!

Challenge us! We can provide the highest quality work, that's only bested by super-super-humans. But there's no such thing, huh.

ONsight Point of Sale Solution Demo Now Available
A fully-functional demo is available for a limited time only.
30th, 2008 3:00pm

New software targeted at budget minded small to medium size retail stores.

POSmatic, Inc. releases a trial version of their newest Point of Sale application, ONsight 3.0. ONsight targets small to medium sized businesses looking for a fully featured POS application yet do not have the budget to invest on the expensive alternatives. ONsight Point of Sale solution provides you with all the features you can expect from the expensive software suites, yet is priced at an extremely affordable price. A fully functional trial version is available upon request by contacting us or by calling 718-707-9788.

5 Fatal Mistakes for Small Retailing
Increase your odds of success by avoiding these potential pitfalls.
1st, 2008 / External

In today's fast-moving and ever-changing business environment, mistakes can be fatal. Even at best, statistics show that about half of small businesses last less than two years. My 20-plus years of successfully operating several retail stores have made me a keen observer of the retail scene, and more important, the mistakes made by many retailers that have, in many cases, caused their demise. Even though the list of potential mistakes that retailers can make is long, I have found these five to be some of the most frequent and devastating...

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