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Other POS Systems Envy It

As you open the box, you feel a sense of warmth & security. An immediate realization that this is something different, something totally unique. POSmatic Point of Sale Systems are indeed ready to use right out of the box. From setting up and configuring the hardware to the user friendliness of our ONsight™ POS Software - setting up shop can be done in MINUTES. Say goodbye to your old cash register, say hello to the New and Improved - ONsight™ Point of Sale System..

POS System Setup

Unpacking It is the Hardest Part

POSmatic's Point of Sales Systems are made to make your life easier. There's no need to be hassled by confusing and complicated setup. The very few steps that are needed are all illustrated if you�re into that sort of thing, but we doubt you would even need it.

It�s as simple as 1-2-3, yes it really is! Your choice of POSmatic Point of Sales System will arrive in a very neat looking plain box. You unpack then plug it in. Now all you need to do is connect, power it up and everything will be up and running before you can say "POS in a box".

ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Software

Pricing Information

Due to the ever changing nature of the industry and market - we do not provide pricing information on our website at the moment. For most up-to-date pricing and availability information please contact our sales department via phone or the inquiry form found by clicking here.

Don't Need The FULL Package?

No problem, our Point of Sale Solution is fully customizable to suit your needs.
You can choose any hardware and software from our inventory. The great thing is that you benefit from discounts we receive from our industry partners.

Do you favor leasing?

We can do that too. We offer a plan with a low monthly payment. You can also choose to buy out the system at your convenience.

We currently have many varieties of packaging and payment options. So as long as you're willing to talk to us, we can definitely find the right options for your business.

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