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ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Software

Current & Upcoming Features

ONsight™ POS provides the most intuitive user interface of any popular POS software, while maintaining a high level of performance and scalability.

Zero Learning Curve

Although a user manual is included with ONsight™ POS, chances are you will never use it. We have dispensed with multiple menu item screens and endless navigation of guest check functions. The users are presented with a screen that shows only the functions that they can access; this is easily updated by the manager using the back office application.

Minimal Hardware Investment

Touch screens and thermal printers are optional. Our software works as easily with a mouse as it does with a touch screen and can use Epson thermal or dot matrix POS printers to write guest receipts and kitchen slips.


ONsight™ POS is well suited for multiple unit operations such as franchises but is also ideal in a small 1 or 2 terminal environment. The level of performance attainable is limited only by your choice of database server, so your system can grow as your business does.


ONsight™ is THE Point of Sale Solution not only due to the feature rich environment, but also because it's just so affordable. Why break your bank when you can have everything for less?

POS Software Feature Summary

  • Sales Centric
    • Unlike most POS Software, ONsight™ POS is Sales Centric. Which means our Point of Sale Software is designed around the Sales process. The most important factor in a retail business is to get the customer out with the product as quickly as possible. What if you can cut your transaction times by half or less? Just imagine how much more business you can do. Now, that's what you call a "Return on Investment".
  • Custom Reporting Modules (You want reports? You got 'em)
    • Inventory Status Reports
    • Sales Reports
    • Item Valuation Reports
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Reports
    • Void Sale Reports
    • Employee Purchase Reports
    • Customer Loyalty & Trend Reports
    • Re-order Level Reports
    • Credit Card/Gift Card/Debit Card Reports
    • Sales by Style Reports
    • Sales by Hour Reports
    • Sales by Category Reports
    • Sales by Station/Operation Reports
    • And more. Our POS Software currently has over 50+ operation related reports.
      Plus all reports can be sorted and filtered by
      • Operation
      • Station
      • Hour/Day/Week/Year/All
      • Category
      • Style/Color/Size (or other modifiers applicable to your business type)
      • + any other filters your business needs
  • Daily Closing
  • Multi Location Ready
  • Backoffice Administration
  • Detailed Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Tracking & Management
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Seamless Integration with Popular Hardwares
  • ECommerce Integration Ready
  • Credit Card, Debit Card & Gift Card Processing
  • Touch Screen Capable
  • Designed for maximum user-friendliness

Why not try it out before you make a decision?

Alot can be said about ONsight™ POS Software, but words really don't justify the quality and stability of the product. So request a free demo and we know it's clich? but you will agree that our Point of Sale Software is something unlike any other POS Software in the market.

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ONsight™ Built on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ONsight™ Built on Microsoft .NET Framework Mercury Payment Systems Logic Controls
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