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Standalone E-Commerce

Extend your reach

POSmatic offers e-commerce solutions for any and all types of businesses, large or small. Our solutions are fully customized to suit your business model, needs and most importantly - your budget. From the feature-rich backend administration tool to seamless integration with our ONsight™ Point of Sale platform, POSmatic's e-commerce can become a priceless tool for your business.

The emergence of the Internet era provides our clients to expand its reach to its target audience as well as serve its existing members and loyalists in a far effective manner. POSmatic has successfully helped design and implement web sites for many clients nationwide.

While several firms can design home pages, we create and instill a brand image and grow with our clients. We believe the more success our client has, the more success POSmatic will achieve. We don't just merely plant the seed, We water it, provide sunlight and watch it grow. Even fully grown, our creation still needs water to stay healthy. Our goal is to provide not just a one-time solution but a long term business relationship that thrives on profit and success.

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E-Commerce Development

+ POS Integration

The POSmatic E-Commerce option works with the comprehensive, fully-integrated ONsight™ Point of Sale Software to give you an affordable e-commerce solution that can have you selling your products on the Internet quickly and securely. For expeditious order fulfillment cycles and instant information-flow, POSmatic E-Commerce integrates with the ONsight™back-office functionality in real-time.

Some of its cutting-edge capabilities that put it right up there with million-Dollar e-commerce sites like Dell.com or Amazon.com include real-time, secure credit card processing with fraud protection, advanced shopping cart features and item matrix, order status & shipment tracking.

POSmatic overcomes your E-Commerce concerns

I cannot integrate my storefront with my back-end inventory and I don't want to hire programmers to develop a shopping cart application.

The shopping cart allows merchants to sell items on the web with price, stock and much more information drawn directly from the centralized database, allowing shoppers to create orders online with various payment and shipping options. The primary benefit of ONsight™ is to eliminate double entry and allow seamless integration with your backend accounting, inventory and sales operation for all your orders-online and offline.

I am neither able to sell items at different prices for different customers nor am I able to offer them different discounts.

Easily set up different level pricing for different customers on each item, and make them available to your customers when they shop online, without any difficulty.

My shoppers want to track their orders, and they want the ability to return items purchased through my web store.

Shoppers can check shipping status online and track their orders by visiting the online order tracking section
Merchants can accept return goods from their shoppers, with serial number tracking for the returned goods, different warranties, and re-stocking fees

My shoppers want a secured shopping cart site.

Merchants can now easily deploy security for their shopping cart website by enabling the SSL option and securing the pages of the website so shoppers can confidently engage in encrypted transactions.

I am unable to sell large volumes of items; my sales people are manually entering sales orders that come from the web.

Web-enable any item in the backend profiles, setting any of the various viewing preferences; publishing a large inventory is no further than a few clicks away.

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