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ONsight™ Point of Sale Software

The retail industry, in general, is the most dysfunctional industry in the world yet it represents 51% of the US GDP, employs 1 of 5 Americans and generates over $3.1 trillion in sales annually. Although the technology advancements over the last 10 years have been outstanding, retailers are suspended in a state of enabling technologies.

ONSIGHT Point of Sale Software

ONsight™ POS Version 3 Introduction

With ONsight Version 3.0 now available to the general public, businesses need not worry about paying a fortune for a user-friendly, feature-packed solution. Included are all of the functions and customizations that are in products many times its price point.

Our main focus when developing the software was implementing simple to use interfaces that can be used with touch and/or mouse, plethora of custom reporting modules, integration with popular hardware, e-commerce integration ready, backoffice administration module with remote connect capabilities, modern & sleek yet simple design, fully integrated payment processing modules, ability to scale as businesses grow, and the list goes on and on. But on top of all that, we wanted to make it affordable. We want the small "mom & pop" shops to be able to use such feature-rich solution. Our goal was to permanently remove the general notion that Point of Sale Solutions are expensive.

After over 4 years of development, it is finally here to do just that.

Our bar is being set higher and higher. And there are so many additional features we have lined up. So come on in, and join in on this revolution on creating the perfect solution for your business needs.

ONsight™ Point of Sale Packages & Components

Point of Sale (POS) system name
POSmatic ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS)

Management Software:
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS)

ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) HQ
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) SATELLITE™

KEY Feature Names:
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Accounting **
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) CRM
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) E-Commerce
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Inventory
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Marketing **
ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Sales

REMOTE capability name:
ONsight™ (MMA- Multi-location Management Application)


ONsight™ Point of Sale Software Market Advantage

With the ever growing retail enviornment, where quick turnaround time is the key - it is imperative to have the hardware & software Software that can provide seamless integration between all the components that take part in the sales process. This is where our ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Software comes into play. POS Softwares are not created equal. Although the final objective is the same - which is to receive payment for the products sold and have the customer out as soon as humanly possible, the steps it takes to get there are a whole different story.

POSmatic's ONsight™ Point of Sale (POS) Software is an affordable, one-stop POS Solution in which every single component is interconnected in various ways for a seamless sales process. Also, our POS Software does much more than sales - it also handles inventory management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online shop (e-commerce) integration, purchase orders, barcode printing and etc.

ONsight™ POS is CRM-centric. With precise inventory control, concise real-time reporting, customizable security features, and interactive customer sales tracking for a multi-location environment, it's the POS Software for businesses of all sizes. POSmatic’s ONsight™ POS systems dramatically improves all aspects of the sales process and business, overall.

ONsight™ POS Software can be purchased as a standalone software, or as a one-stop package which includes:

E-Commerce Development & Integration

With ever increasing sales and purchases online after the burst of the dot-com era and many online retailers are enjoying increase in online sales (40% increase from 2001 during the 2002 holiday season according to BizRate.com), more and more retailers are establishing shops online.

POSmatic provides Practical Online Solutions for all business needs. By understanding the target user group and strategic planning, we provide our clients with Effective and Efficient Solutions to maximize their reach and results. Integrating offline business with that of an online one through implementation of our "Web-Enabling" Technology and Software we offer our clients easy migration to the internet. From e-commerce Softwares and web-enabled Point of Sale (POS) Systems to On & Offline payment Softwares through secure means, POSmatic facilitates all old and new business migrations to the web.

Our experience in effective information design and efficient architecture for online businesses will maximize your business potentials.

Credit Card Solutions & Payment Processing

POSmatic's payment Solution is a seamless integration of credit card processing, check verification and guarantee, as well as debit and gift cards with our Point of Sale (POS) Systems. We've embedded credit, debit, gift and check processing into our proprietary systems. This seamless integration provides a "One-Touch" payment processing, and with the use of broadband internet, the card processing is almost instantaneous (approximately 1 second per transaction). This means shortening the wait period for your customers and no need to use two or different machines to handle one customer.

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